Interview with Johnny 3 Tears on Loudwire

By Chad Childers || Courtesy of Loudwire

Hollywood Undead have just unleashed their new album, ‘Notes From the Underground,’ and one of the band’s vocalists, Johnny 3 Tears, recently took some time out to speak about the creation of their latest effort with Loudwire.

The rhyme-slinger also shares his thoughts on songwriting, shooting a music video with Slipknot‘s Shawn Crahan, the importance of getting to know the fans, what makes their live shows special and the evolution of their famous masks. Check out the interview below:

Loudwire had a chance to preview the first webisode for the ‘Notes From the Underground’ sessions and it looks like you’re just having a really ‘good time’ in the studio. Did it seem more laid back this time around for you?

That was all an act. [laughs] But yeah, you know, sometimes you get too comfortable and the more you’re in a band the more complacent you can get, so I think our focus was really on keeping it interesting and not getting too comfortable, but we try to keep it exciting which is where liquor and such comes in, you know. You never know what’s gonna happen, buddy!

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