Hollywood Undead – The Mod Club, Toronto – January 23rd

By Mike || Courtesy of Lithium Magazine.

On January 23rd the Mod Club in Toronto, along with fans of Hollywood Undead, were preparing for a highly anticipated last stop on the tour that had sold out within moments. One of the reasons the band opted to play this particular venue was to create an intimate performance with the vive of their old shows.  The line-up of show goers featured fans of all ages, rocking the band’s masks and merchandise, including band member Charlie Scene’s doppelgangers, wearing the famous bandanas, sunglasses and hats.

The house lights went out and the sound of Kansas’ “Dust in the Wind” enveloped the venue, cutting in and out in time with the flashing stage lights.  The crowd exploded and the band punched back with “Undead”.  With every member wearing a state of the art mask and performing their own vocals, it presented an overwhelming visual experience that made it difficult to focus on only thing.   The stage action was intense and it didn’t take long for fans to begin crowd surfing….

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